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Nashville's Original 90's Festival

July 14th, 2018

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A Little About Our Charity Festival...

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Super Cool Fun Fest is a 90’s Themed Charity Festival taking place on Saturday, July 14th from 4pm to 10:15pm at Cumberland Park. My So Called Band will be setting the mood with their awesome 90’s jams. There will be a 90's party zone including an MTV Spring Break Dance Party, 90's SILENT DISCO, Skip It, Jenga (giant), 4 Square, Space Jam Knockout and more! 21+ event.

Think of your best childhood memories then add beer, food trucks, and live music! Wear your best 90's gear and head to Cumberland Park, a perfect venue for this unique charity festival in Nashville.

Cumberland Park: 592 South 1st Street, Nashville, TN 37213

Proceeds this year go to benefit Greenways for Nashville.

SuperCoolFunFest is excited to partner with Greenways for Nashville this year!

Greenways for Nashville is all about connecting Nashville the green way.  We work to highlight awareness of Nashville’s greenway initiative and raise private funds to enhance the greenway system. As a non-profit, Greenways for Nashville works in partnership with the Metro Parks Department and the Greenways Commission with the goal of having a greenway within one mile of every Nashville neighborhood.

Currently, Nashville has over 80 miles of greenway, plus over 150 miles of primitive and paved trails in local parks. About 5 new miles of greenways have already received funding and are in the design or construction phase, with more miles of greenway targeted for completion over the next several years. Join Greenways for Nashville and help Nashville be healthy, green and connected.

A few of their SuperCool initiatives...

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Ready to hang with thousands of 90's kids?

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